Irish Times article on proposed new EU regulations

Irish Times article on proposed new EU regulations

Article by Karlin Lillington in the Irish Times on the pitfalls of the proposed amendments to EU regulations in terms of dealing with matters of internet data protection and changes to the process of how and when the public is notified about breaches that may pose a threat to their integrity.

An interesting read in light of the scandal that has emerged in the wake of Edward Snowdon’s allegations regarding the U.S Government’s control of personal data. 

If you believe that your data should be used only in the manner in which you are led to believe and intend it to be used then please sign our petition which we are going to try and bring to the Irish Government in an attempt to prevent these proposals becoming law.

If these proposals become E.U law, we will, as a whole, lose control of our personal data that we have provided in good faith and allow the governments to choose what data is important to them. The law is designed to protect big businesses and firms, allowing them to hide security breaches and collect data about and reach potential customers in ways that are currently (and rightly) illegal.

Every security breach is critical, protect your privacy. Sign the petition.


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